True Bespoke Starts With You.

In your initial consultation with one of our tailors your requirements will be discussed and met with our best options available. Your measurements and postural notations will be recorded for reference.
Each suit starts life as a paper pattern drafted from your measurements. The pattern is then struck onto your chosen cloth with tailors chalk and then cut by hand. A baste fitting is a true hallmark of bespoke suit, purely the cloth and canvas is lightly stitched together to form the skeletal fit. After your first fitting, your suit will be recut and tailored to perfection through the forward fitting stages. The paper pattern will be updated and kept for future orders.
Over 60 hours of tailoring skill by several craftsmen is invested into each suit, the result is a flattering fit with unparalleled comfort.
Our bespoke suits are handmade for you in London, and take 6-8 weeks to finish. We recommend a further fitting after a month of wear to complete the process.
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